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How to Take Summer Fun at the Playground to the Next Level

The summer fun season is about as good as it gets for our children. School is out, the sun is shining, and the days are long. For many parents, however, the “days are long” part of the summer is what sticks out the most. Trying to find fun, affordable, and safe activities for our children in the hours they’re normally in school can be a challenge. Camps are great, sure, but they can be expensive and getting kids to and from the drop-off and pick-up spots can be stressful.  

We wanted to help out our fellow parents and guardians and showcase some cool — and perhaps unique — ways of using a playground to take summer to the next level. Of course, you can always simply take kids to the playground. Who doesn’t love that? But we wanted to help change things up a bit in order to keep children on their toes. Below you’ll find a list of some fun activities to hopefully take summer at the playground to the next level. If you have any ideas that we missed, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line or find us on Facebook or Twitter. We’d love to hear your ideas!  

Picnic at the Playground 

Who doesn’t love a summer picnic? This is a classic example of summer fun, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t remind people of how great they can be. Get your kids in on the action and let them pack their own lunches, snacks, and maybe even a treat or two. This allows the children to feel engaged with the activity, but it also ensures you’ll avoid the dreaded cry of, “I’m hungry!” soon after settling in at the playground.  

Create an Adventure Course 

Have you ever seen American Ninja Warrior? It’s essentially a playground for adults, that requires the competitors to go through an obstacle course of sorts. While you’ll have to tone down what you do for your kids, this is a fun way of making the playground even more exciting. This is a good example of using an existing playground and turning it into a course for kids.  

Hold a Scavenger Hunt 

Growing up and taking part in neighborhood scavenger hunts was always one of our favorite summer activities. While some scavenger hunts can span large spaces, you can use your neighborhood playground as a central hub for yours. Choose 10 items that you can either readily find near the playground or items you bring to the playground — think pinecones or a local flower or leaf from certain trees — and have your children and their friends team up to find them.  

Organize a Playground Cleanup 

 Okay, so this will be slightly less “fun” than a cool scavenger hunt or an awesome obstacle course, but this could go a long way to teaching the children in your neighborhood about the importance of cleaning the local environment. To incentivize participation, come up with goals for individuals and the group as a whole. Who can clean up the most? Who can spread the most mulch or remove the most pinecones? If you can tie in aspects of gamification to keeping your neighborhood or church playground clean, it will go a long way to ensuring it stays that way.  

Obviously, you’ll need a super sweet playground to be able to take advantages of these summer fun activities. If your neighborhood or church playground is out of date or in need of replacementEcoPlay Structures is here to help. By harnessing the power of EcoPlay® Lumber we’re able to create customized playgrounds that are built to last. Our EcoPlay Lumber is guaranteed for 50 years! Contact us today to learn more about what makes EcoPlay Structures some of the best playgrounds on the market.  

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