St. Catherine’s

Preschool at St. Catherine of Sienna Catholic Church, Kennesaw, Georgia

Replace a maintenance-intensive wooden playground designed with a safer, long-life alternative. Design the new playground to meet a lengthy list of budget, space, age group, and amenity requirements.

Selected over three competitors, EcoPlay lumber met all the preschool’s design criteria.

``I think this playground will be here for my grandchildren!`` Preschool Director

In 2012, preschool officials at St. Catherine of Sienna Catholic Church faced a decision: Keep pouring time and money into an 11-year-old wooden playground? Or get a fresh start with a more functional, safer playground made with low-maintenance materials?

The decision came easily for Karen Pickens, the preschool’s director. “Maintenance on the wooden playground was ridiculous,” she said. “We were always sanding something or re-staining something. The decking was really bad. Kids would get splinters.”

After evaluating bids from four companies, the preschool chose to move forward using EcoPlay lumber. “We liked the entire package they proposed, including their proprietary plastic lumber and their solution for accommodating various age groups,” said Pickens.

“They worked hard to design a playground to match our wish list,” she added. “Our salesperson was very responsive to our questions. He kept in close touch with us long after the sale, and he even helped us repair some vandalism damages.”

Five years later, preschool officials are delighted with the playground’s endurance. In spite of exposure to full sun, the support structure hasn’t faded at all.

Best of all, children—and their parents—are delighted, too. “The playground is the highlight of our tour for prospective customers. It’s beautiful! It’s a great selling point for the parents, and the children want to play on it right away.”

What would she change? “Not a thing! Twenty five years from now, I think this playground will still be making kids happy—maybe I’ll be bringing my grandchildren to play on it!”

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