Green Valley Park

Boone, NC

Green Valley Park wanted a “green” playground worthy of its name—and its scenic views. After all, when you are building a playground on top of a mountain, you want to make sure it is easy to take care of and long-lasting, too.

At first, park officials considered a wood playground. Then, the benefits of a wood-look playground made from post-consumer recycled plastic soon won over everyone involved in the decision process. In addition to the striking compatibility with its beautiful setting, the playground gave the park three major benefits:

  • Low maintenance (a key consideration, since this playground is somewhat out-of-the-way and subject to occasional harsh weather)
  • A “green” product (with over 24,000 recycled milk jugs going into the manufacture of the play equipment); and
  • Attractive freestanding items and amenities (balance beam, climb-a-wall, swings, overhead ladder, benches and custom signage).

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