Your EcoPlay playground will last for decades

As you evaluate alternative playground materials, ask us to prove the long-term value of a playground manufactured by EcoPlay Structures. You’ll find that playgrounds made with EcoPlay® lumber are much more economical than any structure made from other materials.

Even with regular and costly maintenance, steel will rust over time. Wood will rot or splinter. Other plastic-based materials will often crack or split.

Thanks to our proprietary EcoPlay® lumber and processes, EcoPlay Structures’ structural components are virtually maintenance free. They never need painting, treating or sealing. They will never rot, rust, splinter, crack, swell or degrade in any way.

EcoPlay Structures stands behind the structures we manufacture with a 50-year warranty on our EcoPlay® lumber. EcoPlay lumber is used in place of wood, composite lumber, or steel for all structural components found in our play structures.

Why EcoPlay is superior to steel

Steel Corrosion On Playground EquipmentMade from clean, recycled HDPE plastic (milk jugs), EcoPlay  lumber is highly competitive with the strength and cost of steel—yet EcoPlay lumber is much more durable because it will never rust. EcoPlay lumber requires little or no maintenance, and with occasional washing, will look and perform great for decades.

Steel is prone to rust, especially in coastal areas or any area with frequent rainfall. Rusted parts can rarely be repaired. That’s why steel playground structures, even with regular rust prevention, typically need to be replaced after 10 to 15 years of service. This photo shows how steel components of outdoor playgrounds fail to hold up to harsh weather conditions.

Why EcoPlay is superior to other plastic-based materials

Unlike other HDPE, fiber-reinforced composite, and composite plastics used to make
playground equipment, EcoPlay lumber combines two attributes that result in
extraordinary strength and durability:

1. Made from 95% HDPE and a naturally occurring mineral

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is rugged, durable, and 100% recyclable. It has outstanding chemical, moisture, and environmental stress crack resistance. Non-HDPE plastics are not commingled with the HDPE and fiberglass is not found in EcoPlay’s lumber. Nor do we add filler that will degrade tensile and compressive strengths.

2. High density

Our proprietary formula creates an ultra-dense, yet non-brittle outer “shell”. This means EcoPlay lumber provides extraordinary structural properties and won’t rot, split, crack, chip, or fade, even after long exposure to harsh weather conditions.

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