Evaluate playground value:

Installing a playground is truly a long-term investment. As you evaluate playground proposals from alternative suppliers, be sure your comparison takes into account the total cost of ownership, not just the initial investment. Run the numbers, and you’ll be amazed at the long-term savings you will gain from EcoPlay!

Consider a real-world example. The EcoPlay playground in this photo has an installed cost of about $43,000. A similar playground using steel components would cost about $4,000 less.

Steel seems to have an advantage—until we factor in longevity:

  • Steel playgrounds will typically need to be completely replaced (materials and labor) every 15 years.
  • The cost of “refreshing” an EcoPlay playground is about 20% of the total installed cost every 15 years—e.g., to replace chin-up bars or other components. Plus, EcoPlay® lumber is warranted for 50 years!
steel playgrounds
ecoplay structures 15 years

Playground Cumulative Costs (Installed)

Replaced Steel Playground vs. Refresh EcoPlay Over 45 Years

In the chart above, we compare value over 30 years but the up-front “savings” of the steel playground are wiped out after 15 years. EcoPlay savings ($28,500) already exceed the initial cost of the steel playground’s materials. After 30 years, EcoPlay saves $55,900 – that’s 48% overall savings!

Ask us to calculate the savings of EcoPlay compared to other playground options you are evaluating.

Appeal to young families for just pennies per visit!

A new EcoPlay playground gives you a major marketing advantage. Here’s another way to look at the cost of your EcoPlay playground: the COST PER CHILD VISIT.

  • For the above example, assume the playground has 300 “kid visits” per week or
    15,600 annually.
  • Over 30 years, that amounts to 468,000 entertainment sessions. (30 x 15,600)
  • The COST PER CHILD VISIT is just 11 cents! ($51,600 ÷ 468,000)

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